Friday, July 20, 2012

Circus Atari

Circus Atari, for the Atari 2600, is the most famous rendition of the game "Circus".  I played it on the Atari Anthology compilation disc for the original Xbox.  It's very similar to the arcade version, with several variations to switch things up, as was customary for 2600 games.

But after my experiences, I do not feel like I'm being fair in reviewing this game without a paddle controller.  From what I understand, my only option (other than buying a 2600 itself), is to buy the latest version of the Atari Flashback.  The Flashback is designed to look like a 2600 system, but it has games built into it, and I believe that you can attach original Atari accessories to the unit, such as the paddle controller.  So hopefully one day I will be able to play the game with the paddle, and hopefully my experiences will be better.

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