Saturday, July 14, 2012

Field Goal

"Field Goal", unlike some of the other games included in Wikipedia's entry for the game "Circus" (which I'm reviewing based on its status as a Breakout clone), actually is a fairly relevant depiction of the Breakout game.  Unlike catching a man on a trampoline to vault him up, in "Field Goal", you use a paddle to hit a football and this football is used to hit flying helmets.  Depending on the color of the helmet and how high it is, you get a certain number of points.  In addition, after a certain number of points are accumulated, a football player comes out and runs around.  Hitting him will give you a multiplier and increase your points.  It will also lead him into doing some kind of celebatory dance.

Like some games of this era, it is a minor variation of another pioneering game and therefore one can lose interest in it very quickly.  I still found it interesting, only because Taito would later go on to make "Arkanoid", which was a stellar "Breakout" clone that added a lot of new features and bells & whistles.  The Breakout genre is still pretty popular today, and developers that come out with Breakout-type games owe a large debt to Taito and their "Arkanoid" games.

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